• Video: Why I’m not a fan of Pharmaceuticals

    People wanting “magic bullets” to make the emotional pain go away do no understand the side effects. Here are my thoughts on the subject.

  • Co Dependency

    What’s Wrong … with Being a Human Magnet? You’re in a relationship where you give and give, but never get anything back – this could be anything from work to romance. You’re always concerned whether or not people like you, and you always try to please everyone. It’s exhausting trying to keep everyone happy, isn’t […]

  • What’s Wrong with Ashley Madison?

    Ashley Madison is a website devoted to setting up “discreet encounters” – affairs! However, most of the women on the site were and by and large still are “fembots”, not real people – or they were “escorts” – prostitutes! http://www.digitaltrends.com/opinion/john-mcafee-how-no-one-got-laid-on-ashley-madison/ But one of their biggest weaknesses is a failure to verify email addresses. You can […]

  • What’s Wrong … with Narcissism?

    In Greek mythology, Narcissus is the son of a god and a nymph who was renowned for his beauty, and who had disdain for any who loved him. Nemesis (yep, real name of the Greek spirit of retribution against those who succumb to arrogance before the gods) attracted him to a reflecting pool where he […]